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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Japanese school, who beats Sookan?
(a) Aunt Tiger.
(b) Unhi.
(c) Narita Sensei.
(d) Kisa.

2. Who is Narita Sensei married to?
(a) Grandfather.
(b) Kisa.
(c) Captain Narita.
(d) No one.

3. Who is the narrator of "Year of Impossible Goodbyes"?
(a) It doesn't say.
(b) Inchun.
(c) Sookan.
(d) Theresa.

4. At Japanese school, what is against the rules to do?
(a) Make weapons.
(b) Scrub the floor.
(c) Praise the Japanese Emperor.
(d) Share.

5. After Grandfather's death, why does Sookan think she is being punished?
(a) Because she hates Captain Narita.
(b) Because she has angered Mother.
(c) Because she killed Grandfather.
(d) Because she stole rice.

6. Who catches the family having a feast?
(a) Aunt Tiger.
(b) Captain Narita.
(c) Kisa.
(d) Haiwon.

7. Who cries tears of joy at the birthday feast?
(a) Haiwon.
(b) Mother.
(c) Aunt Tiger.
(d) Kisa.

8. During her first day at school, what is confiscated from Sookan at lunchtime?
(a) Her pencils.
(b) Her food and lunchbox.
(c) Her shoes.
(d) Her book.

9. Where does Mother travel to in order to get a birthday gift?
(a) Aunt Tiger's house.
(b) Japanese headquarters.
(c) Theresa's convent.
(d) Grandmother's store.

10. Who tries to fight back as the factory girls are being taken away to be Spirit Girls?
(a) Inchun.
(b) Uncle Tiger.
(c) Kisa.
(d) Grandfather.

11. What "gifts" do Sookan and Inchun give all the factory workers?
(a) Wedgies.
(b) Sprigs of pine.
(c) Licorice gum balls.
(d) Rice balls.

12. What do Sookan and Inchun water after the birthday feast debacle?
(a) The rock garden.
(b) The shrubs.
(c) The pine tree roots.
(d) The flowers.

13. What heirloom did Sookan's mother save?
(a) A painting.
(b) A hairpin.
(c) A tablecloth.
(d) A bracelet.

14. What did the Japanese do to two of the towns the family had lived in?
(a) Burned them.
(b) Quarantined them.
(c) Looted them.
(d) Turned them into big cities.

15. What are the old family photographs kept in?
(a) A fire-damaged box.
(b) An envelope.
(c) A pillow case.
(d) A photo album.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do many of the women do who have been taken away to be Spirit Girls?

2. What does Sookan rub on Grandfather once a day?

3. Why don't the factory workers run away instead of becoming Spirit Girls?

4. At Japanese school, what do the students make?

5. After Grandfather's death, who does Sookan think is punishing her?

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