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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who used to publish an underground newspaper for Korean independence?
(a) Grandfather.
(b) Kisa.
(c) Sookan's mother and father.
(d) Theresa.

2. What did the Japanese do to two of the towns the family had lived in?
(a) Turned them into big cities.
(b) Burned them.
(c) Looted them.
(d) Quarantined them.

3. What is a Spirit Girl?
(a) A massage therapist.
(b) A sex slave.
(c) A spiritual advisor.
(d) A cheerleader.

4. After Captain Narita says that he wants to take away the workers to be Spirit Girls, what does Mother do?
(a) Suggests they should become nurses instead.
(b) Encourages the workers to be good Spirit Girls.
(c) Begs Captain Narita not to take the girls away.
(d) Nods her head.

5. Who tries to lift Inchun's spirits after the birthday feast is interrupted?
(a) Sookan.
(b) Theresa.
(c) Haiwon.
(d) Kisa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gossips during breaks from factory work?

2. Why don't the factory workers run away instead of becoming Spirit Girls?

3. Who catches the family having a feast?

4. What does "chun" mean?

5. Who is Father Carroll?

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