Objects & Places from Year of Impossible Goodbyes

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Kirimni, Pyongyang, Korea - This is where Sookan and her family live.

Thirty-Eighth Parallel - This is where North Korea and South Korea are divided.

Grandfather's Pine Tree - This is the only pretty thing left in Sookan's yard.

The Communist Party - This is something that Sookan's family pretends to love.

Japanese Occupation of Korea - At the beginning of "Year of Impossible Goodbyes," this has been happening for thirty years.

Mother's Hairpin - This is the only remaining family heirloom.

The Sock Factory - This is the family business.

The Little Proletariat School - This place teaches the joys of Communism.

The Japanese School - This is where Sookan is forced to make weapons.

Seoul, South Korea - This is where Sookan and Inchun go to live in father's apartment.

The Train Station - This is where Inchun and Sookan hang out when they do...

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