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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


"Year of Impossible Goodbyes" is historical fiction, set in 1945 during the Japanese occupation of Korea. This lesson will focus on Korean history.


1) Map location and research: Locate Korea on a map. Why would Choi choose this country as the setting for this story? Why would Japan, China, and Russia all want to control Korea? Why is this significant? What was going on politically at the time?

2) Class discussion: Talk with students regarding the history and significance of this country, noting it's Japanese occupation before and during World War II, the oppression during the war, and its immediate invasion by the Russians after the Japanese evacuation. Ask the class what this might mean in regard to the story and why the author chose this particular time period as the setting. Also note when the Korean war began.

3) Independent writing: Write a paragraph about the selection of...

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