Year of Impossible Goodbyes Character Descriptions

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This person is the narrator and main character of "Year of Impossible Goodbyes."


This person is the youngest of six children.

Sookan's Mother

This person gets separated from Sookan and Inchun when they try to cross the border and later escapes from her job as a nanny.

Aunt Tiger

This person tells stories about tigers and is shot as a traitor after the family escapes.


This person is the only man to work at the sock factory.

The Sock Girls

These people are factory workers who are later forced to become sexual slaves for the Japanese army.

The Double-Agent Guide

This person turns Mother in to the authorities as a traitor.


This person is the only person who is nice to Sookan at school.

Captain Narita

This person is the Japanese Imperial Police officer who checks on Sookan's family.

Narita Sensei

This person is...

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