Objects & Places from Yanomamo: The Fierce People

Napoleon Chagnon
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Where the Yanomamo tribe live.

Mavaca River

The headwaters of this water way is where Chagnon did the majority of his research.


The tribe Chagnon lives with for most of his research.


Another Yanomamo tribe, with a history of bitter warfare against the Bisaasi-teri tribe.

Sukumona ka u

The River of Parakeets and home to the Shamatari tribe led by Sibarariwa.

Orinoco River

A river near the Yanomamo's encampment.

Parima Mountains

A range of small mountains located to the east of the Yanomamo village.

Husu namo

A dart, dipped in curare poison.


The center plaza, including a house that is a permanent structure of the village.


What the Yanomamo people call the garden that has been used up.


The location of Kaobawa's group in 1950.


The garden of a Shamatari village.

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