Daily Lessons for Teaching Yanomamo: The Fierce People

Napoleon Chagnon
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Chapter 1)


The Yanomamo tribe is the main focus of Chagnon's book. Examine the general culture of the tribe as well as its location and origins to learn more about the group and its lifestyle.


1. Discuss any preconceived notions you might have about the Yanomamo tribe. Compare and contrast the tribe to others of its ilk. Where are the other tribes located? Create a bubble map to examine observations.

2. Find a map of the area in which the Yanomamo live. Create a system that would allow an explorer to track the Yanomamo and to visit its various villages which are unmarked on maps. How could a navigator find the various camps without a guide? Would it be too dangerous to try? Explain how the geographical difficulties might hamper such a trip.

3. Create a chart of the hierarchy of a tribe. Which member is the most important? Is...

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