Yanomamo: The Fierce People Fun Activities

Napoleon Chagnon
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Create Tribal Attire

Create your own version of tribal attire. Take the weather into account as well as other environmental factors.

Design a Village

Design a village based on the descriptions provided by Chagnon.

Design a Talisman

Design your own talisman to ward off evil spirits. Make it wearable art!

Build a Canoe

Build your own "elaborate" canoe. If unable to build one, build a model out of clay or similar material.

Design a Log Book

Design a log book that might have been used by Chagnon.

Study sacred burial grounds

Study sacred burial grounds in your area to learn more about the customs and culture of the natives.

Learn More About the Yanomamo

Watch a documentary on the Yanomamo to learn more about the "untouched" tribe.

Study Witchcraft

Study the type of witchcraft thought to be used by neighboring tribes.

Prepare a Traditional Yanomamo Feast

Prepare a...

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