Yanomamo: The Fierce People Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Napoleon Chagnon
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Essay Topic 1

Examine the Yanomamo's beliefs about evil spirits. How do the evil spirits affect the tribe? Are there scientific explanations for the occurrences? If so, what might they be? Give examples of occurrences that cannot be explained by science. What might have been the cause of the occurrences? What does the tribe do to cast out evil spirits? Are there any forms of protection against them? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

The Yanomamo avoid the rivers, presumably because of their superstitions. Use at least three sources of mythology to explore the types of spirits/gods, etc. that inhabit various waters.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Chagnon's desire to create a census and genealogy of the Yanomamo. What types of questions might the author ask? From whom would Chagnon get the best information? How could the author be sure that the information was accurate? Create a sample page of an entry in...

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