Yanomamo: The Fierce People Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Napoleon Chagnon
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Prologue, Chapter 1

• Yanomamo is a relatively untouched tribe in the Amazon.

• Violent death is common.

• Unexplained deaths are due to evil spirits.
• Yanomamo avoid rivers.

• Tribe gives prominent people new names.

• Chagnon spends almost a year with the Yanomamo.

• Yanomamo use only three numbers.
• Author discusses various contacts.

• Chagnon experiences severe culture shock.
• Men snort hallucinogenic drugs.

• Hygiene is not a concern.

Chapter 2

• The Bisaasi-teri tribe lives at the confluence of the Orinoco and Mavaca rivers.

• Traveling parties visit neighboring village.
• Snakebites are prevalent.

• Author discusses means of travel.

• Poisons are examined.
• Author discusses hair cuts, village structure, and hunting game.

• Gardens are discussed.

• War and aggression between tribes is examined.
• Yanomamo like to camp out.

• Dietary concerns are discussed.

• Chagnon explains male/female relationships.

Chapter 3

• Chagnon discusses Yanomamo language.
• Everything can be put into two classes - nature and culture.
• The Yanomamo views on sex, souls, and...

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