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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joseph think Slake and McAlvane have no right to do?

2. What is the name of Joseph's daughter?

3. What does Astrakhan say is the only thing a person needs to be a computer hacker?

4. Which character speaks a brief prologue?

5. What does Joseph tell the agents no one believed him about?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Joseph and Joanne make up?

2. What does Astrakhan say at the end of the scene?

3. What joke does Joseph make about the name bunghole?

4. Why does Joseph think they should both quit their jobs?

5. What else does Joanne admit about Francis in the second scene?

6. What does Astrakhan say about memory?

7. What does Astrakhan tell the audience about Joanne and Joseph's life?

8. What does Joanne tell Joseph about her ex-husband Francis?

9. Why does Joanne think Francis could not be ISee U?

10. What advice does Joseph give Astrakhan in scene four?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Replace the play's New York setting with one of the following cities:

1. Chicago.

2. Los Angeles.

3. Washington.

What new meaning would the new setting give the book? How important is setting for developing meaning in a story?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the books reception in three different countries including the country the book was written. How do their opinions about the books differ? Was the book more influential in one country than another? If so, why?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss elements of the narrative structure: Exposition, conflict, complication, climax, resolution and conclusion. Do all the elements make for a logical and linear story? How does the story's structure express the play's themes?

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