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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Astrakhan say the fun begins for hackers?
(a) When they discover the passwords.
(b) When they plant a virus.
(c) When they they contact the user.
(d) When they transfer a users money to their own account.

2. What item of Astrakhan's clothing does Joanne love?
(a) His shoes.
(b) His shirt.
(c) His gloves.
(d) His hat.

3. What does Astrakhan say he cannot remember?
(a) Buying his first computer.
(b) His first writing class.
(c) Joseph's conversation
(d) Joanne's conversation.

4. How does Astrakhan describe Joanne's dress?
(a) Thin.
(b) Thick.
(c) Light.
(d) Heavy.

5. Who does Slake threaten to send Joseph's information to?
(a) Emma.
(b) Joseph's lawyer.
(c) Francis.
(d) Joanne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes Joseph's neighborhood?

2. When does Joseph tell Slake and McAlvane he rarely uses the Internet?

3. What does Astrakhan say a hacker is like once he or she has discovered an entryway?

4. What does Joseph say he mostly uses his computer for?

5. What did Astrakhan do when his English said he should lie?

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