Y2K Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why do Slake and McAlvane say they have brought Joseph in for questioning?

Joseph comes into an interrogation area, accompanied by two federal agents called Slake and McAlvane. He seems surprised to be there, but the other two assure him they brought him in out of concern for his reputation. They say they don't want people to spread rumors.

2. What does the telephone call Joseph makes reveal about his situation?

Slake hands him a cell phone and Joseph calls his lawyer. His conversation reveals that his lawyer is unavailable and that Slake and McAlvane are federal agents.

3. What does Slake ask about ISeeU?

Slake begins his interrogation. He starts by asking whether Joseph recognizes several names, including ISeeU. He asks Joseph whether he's corresponded in any way with anyone calling himself ISeeU.

4. How does Joseph say he may know ISeeU?

Joseph admits it's possible he has met ISeeU. He says he works in a publishing house and ISeeU might be one of the authors.

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