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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ender's Children.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Jane come into being?
(a) She is a product of the instantaneous communication between ansibles
(b) She was born from two parents as was everyone else
(c) She is a program
(d) She was created on earth

2. What does the bishop do to Miro?
(a) Crucifies him
(b) Baptizes him
(c) Makes him confess his sins
(d) Makes him go to communion

3. What is the promise Qing-jao has asked of her new secret-maid?
(a) To pledge a blood oath
(b) To draw her a bath
(c) To treat her as equal when they are in private
(d) To remove her robes

4. What complicates a debate between Enders' family?
(a) That the kids want to return to Earth
(b) That all of his daughters have dates on a friday night and they only have one car
(c) That the descolada might be sentient
(d) That Ender doesn't want to return home

5. What does Warmaker do to Quim?
(a) Beats him over the head with his branches
(b) Drips sap all over him
(c) Seizes him and denies him his immunizing food
(d) Covers him in a pile of leaves

Short Answer Questions

1. What does this girl want of Gloriously Bright?

2. Where is the emergency meeting held?

3. What shocks Qing-jao about Wang-mu?

4. What is the customary way to dispose of bodies?

5. What does Novinha then accuse Ender of?

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