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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Life and Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To who does Ender compare Qing-Jao?
(a) The pequeninos that let Quim die
(b) The pequeninos that disdained Warmaker for his actions
(c) Quim
(d) Warmaker

2. Why can't they exterminate the virus?
(a) The virus is a friend to them
(b) The virus helps them
(c) It would destroy the piggies, or native creatures
(d) The virus heals people

3. To what can the Godspoken experience be compared?
(a) An influence by a higher power
(b) Self mutilation
(c) Obsessive compulsive disorder
(d) A complete lack of self esteem

4. Qing-jao dismisses Wang-mu, but Han-Fei-tsu keeps her on as his servant. Why?
(a) He has laundry that needs doing
(b) He thinks she is pretty
(c) He wants to get back at his daughter
(d) He values her intelligence

5. What does Qing-jao's father tell her in response to her conclusion about the fleet?
(a) That she is right, and they should look no further lest they anger the gods
(b) That she is wrong and must do double the penances for her assumptions
(c) That her task is to find the means by which the gods acted
(d) That her task doesn't ask who but when

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qing Jao's name mean?

2. How does Miro feel about his return home?

3. What does the virus prevent?

4. What are the Upper Caste expected to do?

5. What is the promise Qing-jao has asked of her new secret-maid?

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