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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Life and Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What four beings does Demosthenes' "Hierarchy of Foreigness" outline?
(a) Signisi, Teyropans, Rascidan, and Deyercosa
(b) Fukasi, Ugarda, Rictors, and Vascidas
(c) Ufanta, Frisabigi, Rasgoes, and Gimanchi
(d) Utlannings, Framlings, Ramen, and Varelse

2. How does Qing-jao believe Demosthenes is circulating 'his' articles?
(a) A paid interstellar courier
(b) Word of mouth
(c) Through a paid intern
(d) A secret program on the ansible computers

3. Who announces how the testing will go for faster-than-light speed travel?
(a) Ender
(b) Quara
(c) Miro
(d) Jane

4. Where do Ela and Quara go to after they leave Novinha?
(a) To the church where they feel closer to Quim
(b) To the local bar
(c) To their grandparents' shrine
(d) To their brother's funeral

5. The first chapter is marred with a death. Who dies?
(a) Han Solo's wife, Leia
(b) Han Fei-tsu's wife, Jiang-Qing
(c) Han Burders sweetheart, Daisy
(d) Quong Ji's wife Dyonj Da

Short Answer Questions

1. What has scarred Miro?

2. The penances enacted by Han Fei-tsu at his wife's deathbed were most likely_________.

3. What is Wang-mu's ancient namesake?

4. Who gets spoken to by the gods?

5. What does Miro's brother Quim do for a living?

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