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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Grego's War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Novinha forbid anyone to do?
(a) Have any contact with piggies
(b) Leave her alone
(c) Speak Quim's name
(d) Have any contact with buggers

2. Why does Miro fight with his brother, Quim?
(a) Because he insulted the Lord
(b) Because he insulted their sister, Ouanda
(c) He disdained going to church
(d) Miro mocked his belief in a god he could not see or touch

3. What else is different about the godspoken?
(a) That they are responsible for the destruction of Lusitania
(b) They have distended, and considered beautiful foreheads
(c) They have above average intelligence in order to serve Congress better
(d) They are less intelligent to be kept in the dark by the Path

4. What does Qing-jao come to believe is responsible for the disappearance of the Lusitania fleet?
(a) The gods
(b) Her father
(c) Jane
(d) Ender

5. Why does Gloriously Bright feel the need to purify herself once again when she returns home?
(a) She came close to defying them when she suggested Starways Congress had lost their mandate
(b) She told her father that she didn't believe in the gods
(c) She refused to do penances for her last defiance
(d) She told Wang-mu that the gods don't exist and that she feels silly when doing her penances

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the greatest honor for Qing-jao's father?

2. On what does Miro give a lecture?

3. Who is an enemy of the gods?

4. What is Valentine Wiggins' pseudonym?

5. Why is Descolada an issue?

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