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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Miracles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the greatest honor for Qing-jao's father?
(a) That his daughter attempted suicide when she felt too unclean for the gods
(b) That his daughter is so strongly possessed by the gods
(c) That his daughter didn't die
(d) That she has her mothers determination

2. What makes Valentine uncomfortable about the whole experience at the Hive Queen's cave?
(a) That both the Queen and Ender were in her head
(b) That the Queen has an extraordinary tie to Ender
(c) That Plikt and the Queen get along so well
(d) That Miro didn't like the experience, so she won't either

3. What are the Upper Caste expected to do?
(a) Embrace the Path entirely and unreservedly
(b) Keep a tight thumb on the populace
(c) Eat frozen dinners and watch T.V. re-runs
(d) Be the voice of the people to the people of Earth

4. What does her husband fear most since she has died?
(a) How to operate the VCR as she was the only one with the codes
(b) That he cannot fulfill his promise to teach his daughter to love the gods
(c) That he will never again remarry, so his bed will always be empty
(d) That he will not have a female role model for his daughter

5. What is the customary way to dispose of bodies?
(a) Burning on a pyre
(b) To send them out in space
(c) To eat them
(d) To bury them

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qing-jao explain to this new girl?

2. How does she become aware that the gods are speaking to her?

3. How does she think Wang-mu came to her?

4. What does this girl want of Gloriously Bright?

5. What does Qing-jao's father tell her in response to her conclusion about the fleet?

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