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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Miracles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does she satisfy the gods when she cannot wash her hands?
(a) She has a personal conversation and vows abstinence
(b) She undresses and the gods are attracted to her
(c) She begs for forgiveness and prostrates herself before their mercy
(d) She follows a wood grain line to the wall

2. What more do we learn about the virus on Lusitania?
(a) That it appears to have a sense of humor
(b) That it reproduces at rates previously unheard of
(c) That it is essential to the planet's ecosystem
(d) That it is constantly evolving and shows different symptoms every time

3. How do the bearers feel about bearing the Godspoken?
(a) It is their honor
(b) They resent it
(c) They put up with it
(d) They love to do it

4. What does Qing-jao's father tell her in response to her conclusion about the fleet?
(a) That she is right, and they should look no further lest they anger the gods
(b) That her task doesn't ask who but when
(c) That she is wrong and must do double the penances for her assumptions
(d) That her task is to find the means by which the gods acted

5. What do the two people left in her family do when she dies?
(a) They draw blood from their legs
(b) They make paper offerings to her
(c) They neither eat nor speak
(d) They cry for days

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Valentine Wiggins' pseudonym?

2. What disturbs Ender on Lusitania?

3. Ender thinks about drastic measures to preserve the piggies. What are they?

4. What is Qing-jao's woman's task?

5. Jane's idea to stop the destruction of Lusitania is to do what?

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