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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What talent has Qing-jao been working on that she modeled after her father?
(a) The ability to defer the god's penance until she is alone
(b) His skill at war
(c) The ability to play the violin
(d) The art of making people listen to what she has to say

2. If the Upper Caste don't live up to expectations, what happens to them?
(a) They are punished with penances
(b) They are tortured
(c) They are burned alive
(d) They are relieved of their status

3. What does Miro find most difficult about interacting with people?
(a) People always chide him on his irresponsibility for his accident
(b) That they treat him as though his mind were paralyzed too
(c) That they look at him in disgust
(d) People disdain him in front of him

4. How do the people of Path view her behavior?
(a) As a bad omen
(b) It is a good sign because the gods have begun speaking to her
(c) That she is constantly dirty
(d) That she is in need of good moisturizer

5. Who or what is Jane?
(a) Jane is Miro's wife
(b) Jane is Miro's daughter
(c) A being that evolved from communication technology of humans and buggers
(d) Jane is an avatar of the ships mainframe, personified to keep him company

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Jane come into being?

2. What more do we learn about the virus on Lusitania?

3. What is Jane doing in the meantime?

4. Who is Plikt to Valentine and Jakt?

5. What satisfies Valentine most about writing?

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