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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does her husband fear most since she has died?
(a) That he cannot fulfill his promise to teach his daughter to love the gods
(b) That he will not have a female role model for his daughter
(c) How to operate the VCR as she was the only one with the codes
(d) That he will never again remarry, so his bed will always be empty

2. What is Valentine and Jakt's home planet?
(a) Fesura
(b) Sabakous
(c) Stednig
(d) Trondheim

3. What do the two people left in her family do when she dies?
(a) They cry for days
(b) They draw blood from their legs
(c) They neither eat nor speak
(d) They make paper offerings to her

4. Why is life harder on the Godspoken than anyone else?
(a) The Godspoken aren't allowed to drift from the Path for a moment
(b) The Godspoken are required to be the gods in training
(c) The Godspoken aren't allowed to watch HBO
(d) The Godspoken aren't allowed to show emotion

5. The first chapter is marred with a death. Who dies?
(a) Han Solo's wife, Leia
(b) Han Burders sweetheart, Daisy
(c) Han Fei-tsu's wife, Jiang-Qing
(d) Quong Ji's wife Dyonj Da

Short Answer Questions

1. How did her father react when she had climbed on the statue with the intention of jumping off?

2. What does Jane know about Qing-jao?

3. What is Qing-jao's woman's task?

4. If the Upper Caste don't live up to expectations, what happens to them?

5. How does she satisfy the gods when she cannot wash her hands?

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