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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Clean Hands.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does she become aware that the gods are speaking to her?
(a) That her hands are never clean enough
(b) That she is sleep walking
(c) That they announce her as chosen
(d) That her ears are constantly ringing

2. To what can the Godspoken experience be compared?
(a) Obsessive compulsive disorder
(b) A complete lack of self esteem
(c) An influence by a higher power
(d) Self mutilation

3. The penances enacted by Han Fei-tsu at his wife's deathbed were most likely_________.
(a) The actions of a man stricken with grief
(b) The result of intentional inbreeding
(c) An act of service to the gods
(d) Symptoms of his own obsessive compulsive disorder

4. What is the new penance she added to the Catalog of Voices?
(a) Pulling out of Hair
(b) Gnawing at Stone
(c) Tracing of Woodgrains
(d) Checking for Accidental Murders

5. One of the things Han Fei-tsu and his wife talk about before she dies is ___________________________________
(a) her last will and testament
(b) their duty to their daughter and how he will break the news to her
(c) that if he were Hindu or Japanese he would commit suicide and join her in death
(d) their plans for their daughters education

Short Answer Questions

1. What more do we learn about the virus on Lusitania?

2. Why is life harder on the Godspoken than anyone else?

3. Why does Qing-jao want to die during testing?

4. What was Miro before this near fatality?

5. What is Valentine and Jakt's home planet?

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