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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Life and Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Qing-jao explain to this new girl?
(a) That her place is and will always be below her
(b) That she would gladly give up her status for less responsibility
(c) The laws of gravity
(d) That true love is seldom found and that she should marry

2. What do they ask for when they get there?
(a) That their mother can find the peace Quim had found
(b) That piggies, buggers and humans can work things out peacefully
(c) That the xenobiologists find a way to kill all the piggies
(d) That Warmaker be burned as well as his forest

3. How do the other piggies regard Warmaker's actions?
(a) They distance themselves from his forest
(b) They could care less
(c) They applaud him and say Quim had it coming
(d) They cry aloud and call for Ender

4. Who writes as Locke?
(a) Ender
(b) Miro
(c) Jakt
(d) Peter

5. To who does Warmaker compare Quim?
(a) Ender
(b) Miro
(c) Jesus
(d) God

Short Answer Questions

1. How far back do these genetic modifications date?

2. Who is Plikt to Valentine and Jakt?

3. Who does Gloriously Bright believe is responsible for the disappearance of the fleet?

4. What talent has Qing-jao been working on that she modeled after her father?

5. What disturbs Ender on Lusitania?

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