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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the person ailing from?
(a) Too many cheeseburgers
(b) A fatal cough
(c) A disease that eats at the bones
(d) Lymphoma

2. Why does her father believe she will succeed where everyone else has failed?
(a) She is young and pretty and able to woo people where others have not
(b) She is very stubborn
(c) She is too young to think herself wise, and still has original thoughts
(d) She is a good woman and would make a good wife

3. What are two problems the human colonists on Lusitania are facing?
(a) Extreme planetary stench and irritable bowel syndrome
(b) Large interstellar cockroach infestation and continental shifts
(c) Earthquakes and criminal activity
(d) Planet destruction and viral infection

4. What talent has Qing-jao been working on that she modeled after her father?
(a) The art of making people listen to what she has to say
(b) The ability to play the violin
(c) His skill at war
(d) The ability to defer the god's penance until she is alone

5. What is the greatest honor for Qing-jao's father?
(a) That his daughter didn't die
(b) That his daughter attempted suicide when she felt too unclean for the gods
(c) That she has her mothers determination
(d) That his daughter is so strongly possessed by the gods

Short Answer Questions

1. How would Miro feel without Jane?

2. Valentine finds Miro in his room doing what?

3. Qing-jao is asked how much she knows about something. What is it?

4. What does Jane ask Valentine?

5. What is Qing-jao unable to believe at first?

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