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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Jane come into being?
(a) She is a product of the instantaneous communication between ansibles
(b) She was born from two parents as was everyone else
(c) She is a program
(d) She was created on earth

2. What is Valentine and Jakt's home planet?
(a) Sabakous
(b) Stednig
(c) Trondheim
(d) Fesura

3. What is the upper, or ruling, caste on Path called?
(a) "Royals of the Path"
(b) "The Godspoken"
(c) "Government"
(d) "Pharos"

4. Why does Qing-jao want to die during testing?
(a) She is told she can never again see her father
(b) She is told that her mother never loved her
(c) She has a vision that she will die alone and without family
(d) She believes the gods have deemed her too unclean to live

5. What is the name of the virus that threatens the colonists of Lusitania?
(a) Influenza muertada
(b) Triple Replication Amoebiotic Disease
(c) Ebolisium
(d) The virulent descolada virus

Short Answer Questions

1. How does she become aware that the gods are speaking to her?

2. On what does Miro give a lecture?

3. What does Qing Jao's name mean?

4. Who is an enemy of the gods?

5. To what can the Godspoken experience be compared?

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