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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what can the Godspoken experience be compared?
(a) A complete lack of self esteem
(b) Self mutilation
(c) An influence by a higher power
(d) Obsessive compulsive disorder

2. Why does Qing-jao want to die during testing?
(a) She has a vision that she will die alone and without family
(b) She believes the gods have deemed her too unclean to live
(c) She is told she can never again see her father
(d) She is told that her mother never loved her

3. What gives Jane so much power?
(a) She is the daughter of the Hegemon
(b) That her sexuality is uninhibited
(c) That she is able to access anything that is going on in the Hundred Worlds
(d) She is extraordinarily wealthy

4. What is the person ailing from?
(a) Too many cheeseburgers
(b) Lymphoma
(c) A disease that eats at the bones
(d) A fatal cough

5. What is the new penance she added to the Catalog of Voices?
(a) Gnawing at Stone
(b) Tracing of Woodgrains
(c) Pulling out of Hair
(d) Checking for Accidental Murders

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jane know about Qing-jao?

2. What does Peter accomplish back on Earth?

3. What was Miro before this near fatality?

4. What does her husband fear most since she has died?

5. What is the customary way to dispose of bodies?

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