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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Lusitania Fleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jane know about Qing-jao?
(a) That she will succeed and find Jane out
(b) That she will never succeed and Jane is still safe
(c) That she is destined to meet a handsome hunk
(d) That Ender will protect Jane if the need should arrive

2. What four beings does Demosthenes' "Hierarchy of Foreigness" outline?
(a) Fukasi, Ugarda, Rictors, and Vascidas
(b) Signisi, Teyropans, Rascidan, and Deyercosa
(c) Ufanta, Frisabigi, Rasgoes, and Gimanchi
(d) Utlannings, Framlings, Ramen, and Varelse

3. What is the greatest honor for Qing-jao's father?
(a) That his daughter is so strongly possessed by the gods
(b) That his daughter didn't die
(c) That his daughter attempted suicide when she felt too unclean for the gods
(d) That she has her mothers determination

4. Who is an enemy of the gods?
(a) Peter
(b) Demosthenes
(c) Miro
(d) Ender

5. How would Miro feel without Jane?
(a) Happy and free
(b) Melancholy but angry
(c) Entirely lost
(d) Sad and depressed

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Qing-jao want to die during testing?

2. How much time has passed on Earth since Valentine and Jakt left?

3. What is Qing-jao unable to believe at first?

4. What does Miro reassure Jane with when she is troubled?

5. What are two problems the human colonists on Lusitania are facing?

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