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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Virus Makers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jane doing in the meantime?
(a) Helping Miro give another lecture
(b) Talking to Miro
(c) Watching Qing-jao
(d) Cooking dinner

2. Who does Wang-mu approach needing help with the descolada?
(a) Han-Fei-tsu
(b) Ender
(c) Qing-jao
(d) Jane

3. Who is about to discover Demosthenes identity?
(a) Ender
(b) Qing-jao
(c) Jane
(d) Wang-mu

4. What does Planter believe the virus did for them?
(a) Made them grow bigger
(b) Made their bark resistant to deadly pests
(c) Made them sentient
(d) Made them more bushy

5. What is Qing-jao's woman's task?
(a) To find out what happened to the Lusitania fleet
(b) To replace the dead fish in the emperors pond
(c) To go cast her net in the ocean and come up with twenty three fish
(d) To find a good husband

Short Answer Questions

1. What confuses the secret maid?

2. What have the godspoken been given?

3. What is Qing-jao's favorite area of study?

4. What does the virus prevent?

5. When Ender is talking to Jane, what is it Novinha disapproves of?

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