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Short Answer Questions

1. Who plays the character that accuses Felmet of murder in his play?

2. What does Felmet use in trying to attack several people?

3. Who dislikes the idea of going to a dwarf bar?

4. To whom does Hwel give a pep talk backstage during the play?

5. Who are the unlikely actors that join Felmet's play after witches are arrested?

Short Essay Questions

1. The Fool convinces Felmet to fight the witches with rhetoric. How does Lady Felmet initially feel about this?

2. What convinces Hwel to accept the offer brought to him by the Fool?

3. What upsets the ghost King Verence during the performance at Lancre?

4. Explain how Magrat becomes a witch.

5. What bit of foreshadowing is pointed out by Hwel after he and Tomjon witness a mugging?

6. How does Tomjon end a brawl that is picked with Hwel?

7. Explain why Tomjon bolts for the door when he is backstage at the play at Lancre.

8. Why does Magrat's broom fall from the sky during Granny's plan to intervene in the government?

9. How does Granny react when she learns that Tomjon is returning to the Ramtops to perform a play?

10. What interrupts Tomjon's dreams while Hwel works on the new play?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Irony is the contrast between what is expected and what actually happens. The three types of irony are verbal, situational, and dramatic. Identify and discuss two examples of irony in the book. Which type of irony is it? What is expected, and what actually occurs with your examples?

Essay Topic 2

What is an antagonist? Discuss the antagonist of this novel in detail, relating the antagonist specifically to the type of conflict featured in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

What is the difference between conflict and crisis in a novel? How are they similar? Also relate the differences and similarities specifically to Wyrd Sisters.

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