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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 233-264.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Out on the street again after the barroom brawl, who witnesses a mugging?
(a) Vitroller and Hwel.
(b) The Fool and Tomjohn.
(c) Tomjohn and Hwel.
(d) Hwel and the Fool.

2. Who tells Magrat all about the play?
(a) Hwel.
(b) Granny.
(c) The Fool.
(d) Tomjohn.

3. Who is carrying more money than allowed at the scene of the mugging?
(a) Hwel.
(b) The Fool.
(c) Tomjohn.
(d) The muggers.

4. Who gets mugged on the street after the barroom brawl?
(a) Vitroller.
(b) Tomjohn.
(c) Hwel.
(d) The Fool.

5. Which of these is not a witch in this story?
(a) Nanny.
(b) Magrat
(c) Endora.
(d) Granny.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests that the sisters should each bestow a gift upon the infant before he leaves?

2. What is the vocation of the dwarf offended by the Fool in the bar?

3. Who imagines that Tomjohn might leap off the stage and stab Lord Felmet to death?

4. What kills the man who delivers the bundled baby?

5. While Tomjohn waits for the new play to be written, what potion are the witches working on?

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