Wyrd Sisters Fun Activities

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Act Out

Select a scene from the book and team with other classmates to act it out as a five minute skit. Make props, costumes, etc. and present the skit for the class.

Online Book Review

Write a review for the book and share it online at a site like Amazon or another bookstore site. Take the link to your teacher for credit.


Select one of the characters and prepare a three minute monologue to present to the class.

Talk Show

Interview another classmate who portrays one of the witches. Present your interview as though it were a talk show with the witch as your special guest.

Sing It

Write a song about the novel, Wyrd Sisters. Sing it for the class.

Time Line

Make a time line of the author's life and literary works. Include a brief biography about Terry Pratchett.


Write a poem about...

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