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• A fierce storm begins as a coven of three witches adjourns, discussing when next they will meet.

• The narrator explains the setting of Discworld. Flat as a disc, Discworld sits upon the shoulders of four elephants, which in turn sit upon the back of A'tuin, the great turtle. The turning of the disc generates magic for the world, most of which is vented out through the Ramtops region.

• A coach, chased by three hooded riders, flees toward the sight of the coven's fire.

• At Lancre castle, meanwhile, King Verence discovers that he has just been assassinated and is now a ghost.

• The grim reaper appears to the late king, explaining that Verence is due to remain in this form for an indeterminate amount of time, adding that only psychics, close relatives, and cats will be able to see Verence from now on.

• The ghost Verence soon...

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