Wuthering Heights Character Descriptions

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Mr. Lockwood

This character rents Thrushcross Grange in the beginning of the novel. After a disastrous visit to Wuthering Heights, in which he is visited by a ghost, this character asks the maid of the estate to tell him about the place's history.

Mr. Heathcliff

This character was originally an orphan in Liverpool when he was picked up and brought to Wuthering Heights by the family patriarch. He goes mad after the death of his adopted sister and spends the rest of his life bent on revenge.


This character is the self-righteous servant at Wuthering Heights. He feels that everyone is bent for hell except himself, and he is constantly pushing his morality.

Hareton Earnshaw

This character is the rightful heir of Wuthering Heights, but his father's gambling debts allow his adopted uncle to take over as the new owner. He is made to work in the fields...

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