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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 87-139.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Elgin study when he finished going to school?
(a) Veterinary science.
(b) Cancer research.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Doctor-patient interaction.

2. What can the reader infer about Elgin before the narrator moves?
(a) Elgin would like the narrator to die.
(b) Elgin wants to get revenge for the narrator's indiscretion.
(c) Elgin loves Louise despite everything.
(d) Elgin would like to kill Louise.

3. How does the reader perceive Jacqueline's anger?
(a) It is understated.
(b) It is understandable.
(c) It is overstated.
(d) It is too intense.

4. Whose belongings does Jacqueline destroy?
(a) The narrator's.
(b) Elgin's.
(c) Louise's.
(d) Her own.

5. What is Louise's last name?
(a) Roscoe.
(b) Rosenthal.
(c) Rosperg.
(d) Roseburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What condition does Louise have?

2. When did the narrator's relationship with Jacqueline stop expanding?

3. What happens when the narrator becomes so obsessed with Louise?

4. According to the narrator, what is the end of passion?

5. How does Elgin feel about Louise finding sexual fulfillment elsewhere?

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