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Lesson 1 (from Pages 9-54)


Pages 9-54

The narrator begins telling the story by looking back at his or her love affairs. The narrator's general view is that all women cheat on their husbands out of boredom and for lack of passion. This brings up the question of morality and also allows for foreshadowing based on these past relationships. The narrator also justifies his or her affairs. This lesson will focus on the reason for the narrator looking back at his or her previous affairs.


1. Class discussion: Why is the narrator looking back at his or her past relationships? What is his or her general view of these relationships? The narrator's view is positive, but how can this be if all these relationships have ended? The narrator's morality is called into question.

2. Group discussion: The narrator's morality is questionable, considering the fact that he or she is having affairs with...

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