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Narrator's Relationships

Compare the different relationships that the narrator has had. Create charts and graphs to demonstrate some of the qualities that each lover has had. For instance, how many of the narrator's lovers have been men and how many have been women? How many have had a painful impact on the narrator, and how many have been positive?

Unreliable Narration

Write an outline for a story in which you demonstrate the art of unreliable narration.

Character Quotes

Describe five characters in one quote each from the novel. Explain why you chose these specific quotes.

Morality Collage

Morality is a major theme in the novel. Create a collage in which you demonstrate morality as a theme. You can use magazine clippings or sketch a combination of scenes.

Vague Narrator

Write an opening paragraph for a story in which you write using a vague narrator. Leave just one significant...

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