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Pages 9-54

• The narrator reflects on affairs he or she had. The reader is unaware of the narrator's gender and name.
• The narrator believes that all married women cheat out of boredom.
• The narrator had a bad relationship with a woman named Bathsheba, who exposed him or her to an STD and emotional damage.
• Jacqueline was the narrator's partner when they both met Louise and became friends.
• Jacqueline was a safe bet for the narrator since she was not likely to hurt him or her.
• Louise and the narrator began an affair, but Louise does not want the narrator to express love until he or she actually means it.

Pages 54-87

• The narrator reveals the truth to Jacqueline, who responds violently and destructively.
• Louise still has affection for Elgin, but Louise claims that Elgin is a very cold and unaffectionate man.
• The narrator says that Jacqueline would never...

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