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Short Answer Questions

1. As Nduka and Uche take Okei to meet the girls nearby, they commiserate that their parents all give them the same speech about being useless because of what?

2. Who used to say that it is up to others to provide the young men something to do?

3. Nduka and Uche discuss what when they meet?

4. The parents of Okei's friends would prefer sons who are willing to do what?

5. Who does Obi Uwechue believe can offer these teens with free time what they require?

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place at the youths' next meeting following the girls' unsuccessful day selling plantains?

2. What transpires as the gossiping girls emerge from their baths and discover the youths awaiting them?

3. How does the excitement surrounding the wrestling match build for Okei the evening prior to the match?

4. What transpires in the conversation between Kwutelu and Josephine subsequent to the girls taunting the youths?

5. What does Obi Agiliga declare at the conclusion?

6. What are the girls' and Josephine's plans while en route to the marketplace with the match upcoming?

7. After Okei downs his opponent and the match appears to be over, what takes place next?

8. What measures does Nne Ojo take when she hears Obi Uju's cries?

9. Why is Obi Agiliga pleased when Okei asks for his wrestling assistance?

10. What do Nduka and Okei do the day following his meeting in preparation for the contest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dr. Emecheta reflects her experience growing up in Nigeria in what ways?

Essay Topic 2

Does the author convey a belief in elitism of the schooled youths who find themselves above laboring on the farms, or are these youths wise because they recognize that current farming practices are less productive and methods need to be modernized?

Essay Topic 3

When does Dr. Emecheta initially begin conveying her view that nothing good can come from any confrontation, regardless of how innocently it may initiate? What are the circumstances causing this lesson to begin?

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