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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Obi Agilaga's son is able to peer and determine that the approaching group includes Obi Uwechue, who is what?
(a) An uncle of Obi Agilaga.
(b) An old friend of Obi Agilaga.
(c) A new acquaintance of Obi Agilaga.
(d) A second cousin of Obi Agilaga.

2. The boys would like to implement what to improve food production and allow the farmers some rest?
(a) New methods.
(b) Tractors.
(c) Irrigation.
(d) Crop rotation.

3. Who is disciplining Okei?
(a) Obi Ojo.
(b) Obi Agiliga.
(c) Obi Agiliga's younger wife.
(d) Obi Agiliga's senior wife.

4. Okei leads a discussion about the need to do what?
(a) Use chemicals and pesticides.
(b) Use better equipment.
(c) Irrigate farms.
(d) Modernize the farming methods.

5. In preparation for tonight's meeting, who does Okei enlist the help of to sweep the meeting area?
(a) Children.
(b) Older girls.
(c) Older boys.
(d) Younger boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. When it comes time to part for the evening in the second chapter, Okei orders Uche to announce that all the young men are to meet together when?

2. Obi Agilaga's wives make comments about how hard he works and how much he is in need of what in the fields?

3. What does Okei receive punishment for in the initial chapters?

4. Which son of his does Obi Agilaga direct to the stream to bring water for the men?

5. Nduka and Uche are friendly with the girls in the opening chapters, but Okei keeps his distance because of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What mutual problem does Obi Uwechue want to discuss with Obi Agiliga in the sweltering heat?

2. What does Obi Agiliga do after supper on the evening he finds youths meeting at his compound?

3. What does Obi Agiliga do after instructing Nne Ojo to hide Okei?

4. What does Obi Agiliga ask Okei before the competition begins?

5. How does Obi Uju come to accidentally cut Kwutelu's ear off?

6. What transpires when Obi Agiliga comes home and finds the youths meeting as Okei has called?

7. Which of Okei's friends are awaiting him, and what do they plan to do in the evening of the opening chapter?

8. In discussing Okei's order to announce his meeting, what are Uche and Nduka's views as to which youths to invite?

9. What is it Obi Agiliga ponders when his youngest son, Onuoha. asks why Okei will not join them at work on the farm?

10. How do Obi Agiliga and Uwechue believe the girls can assist in the matter?

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