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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Obi Agilaga's wives make comments about how hard he works and how much he is in need of what in the fields?
(a) Help.
(b) Fertilizer.
(c) New equipment.
(d) Irrigation.

2. Why is it the girls Uche, Okei, and Nduka seek to meet with go to the village to sell their produce?
(a) It is closer than other villages.
(b) The buyers are not so nice, but pay more.
(c) They hope to encounter Uche and Nduke there.
(d) The buyers are nicer and pay more.

3. Uche rising at this time leads his family to believe that perhaps he is going to do what?
(a) Attend school.
(b) Help at the farm today.
(c) Meet with Nduka.
(d) Trade at the market.

4. As Okei reaches the age of young adulthood, his anger emerges in altercations with whom?
(a) Nne Ojo.
(b) Obi Ojo.
(c) Obi Agilaga.
(d) Almost everyone he encounters.

5. Who used to say that it is up to others to provide the young men something to do?
(a) Clergy.
(b) Vendors.
(c) Women.
(d) Elders.

6. Where are the vendors in the initial scene?
(a) They have left the market to return to their homes for the night.
(b) They are opening businesses following morning religious ceremonies.
(c) They are opening up their businesses following the noon break.
(d) They are conducting their final transactions with customers for the day.

7. Okei leads a discussion about the need to do what?
(a) Use chemicals and pesticides.
(b) Modernize the farming methods.
(c) Irrigate farms.
(d) Use better equipment.

8. The educated boys agree with Okei's philosophy, but while the uneducated youths nod in agreement they actually do what?
(a) Not understand.
(b) Not agree.
(c) Believe current practices are adequate.
(d) Not care.

9. The Wrestling Match tells the coming of age story of a young boy, Okei, from what country?
(a) Algeria.
(b) Niger.
(c) Namibiya.
(d) Nigeria.

10. What does Obi Uwechue tell Obi Agilaga about Okei and his friends doing?
(a) Meeting girls the day before.
(b) Stealing from young villagers.
(c) Getting intoxicated the night before.
(d) Watching girls bathing the night before.

11. How does Obi Agilaga feel regarding Obi Uwechue's plan?
(a) Reluctantly agrees.
(b) Disagrees.
(c) Does not wholeheartedly agree.
(d) Wholeheartedly agrees.

12. What time is it when the story begins?
(a) Early evening.
(b) Late evening.
(c) Late afternoon.
(d) Early afternoon.

13. Where does Uche meet Nduka?
(a) The market.
(b) The school.
(c) The lake.
(d) The stream.

14. The boys would like to implement what to improve food production and allow the farmers some rest?
(a) Crop rotation.
(b) Irrigation.
(c) Tractors.
(d) New methods.

15. Uche shares a story about being harassed when he and a friend went to Akpei to do what a few days ago?
(a) Trade.
(b) Meet girls.
(c) Fish.
(d) Attend school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nduka and Uche discuss what when they meet?

2. Where do Obi Agilaga and the workers seek refuge when the weather is poorest?

3. Obi Agilaga is concerned about what crop of his?

4. What nearly caused the destruction of Okei's nation during his youth?

5. What do Obi Agilaga and Obi Uwechue do together for a while?

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