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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Uche informs Okei about Kwutelu's injury and that the the villagers suspected Okei and his friends of committing the crime until when?
(a) Kwutelu stated Okei and his friends were not responsible.
(b) Kwutelu identified Obi Uju as being responsible.
(c) Obi Uju admitted he was responsible.
(d) Obi Agiliga related Okei had been asleep at the time.

2. As Nduka and Uche take Okei to meet the girls nearby, they commiserate that their parents all give them the same speech about being useless because of what?
(a) They all seek life in the big city.
(b) They have had some schooling.
(c) They avoid doing chores.
(d) They want to become vendors.

3. Why is it the girls Uche, Okei, and Nduka seek to meet with go to the village to sell their produce?
(a) The buyers are not so nice, but pay more.
(b) The buyers are nicer and pay more.
(c) It is closer than other villages.
(d) They hope to encounter Uche and Nduke there.

4. The boys' discussion at the evening meeting turns to what topic?
(a) Girls bathing outdoors.
(b) Rumors about Okei and his friends.
(c) Girls attending schools.
(d) Lessons learned at school.

5. As Okei reaches the age of young adulthood, his anger emerges in altercations with whom?
(a) Nne Ojo.
(b) Obi Agilaga.
(c) Obi Ojo.
(d) Almost everyone he encounters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nearly caused the destruction of Okei's nation during his youth?

2. What do the sounds bring a rush of over father and son?

3. Before his son is able to leave for water, what do Obi Agilaga and his workers hear the approaching sounds of?

4. Obi Uju becomes angry when he is told about Kwutelu's confrontation with Okei earlier at the stream, and vows to do what?

5. What is Okei's reaction to the singing of his praises?

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