The Wrestling Match Character Descriptions

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Obi Agiliga - This individual became the guardian of the lead character, whose parents were killed in the Biafran War in Nigeria.

Josephine - This character, like friends of similar age, walks to the rival village of Akpei to sell plantains because they sell at a higher price.

Kwutelu - The ear of this character is inadvertently cut off when this individual is mistaken for someone else entering a hut in the dark.

Mbekwu - See Uche

Nduka - A friend of the lead character, this individual is the same age, has a sharp tongue, a quick temper, and is short and stocky.

Nne Ojo - This individual is an aunt of the lead character.

Okei - This is the thin, lanky sixteen-year-old lead character whose parents were murdered.

Onuoha Obi - The twelve-year-old cousin of the lead character who works on the farm and is...

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