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Chapters 1 and 2

• The book opens on an evening in a Nigerian village with a woman yelling at her ungrateful teenage youth.

• The youth, Okei, has lost his parents in the Biafran War and has been residing with his aunt and uncle since then.

• Okei drifts through life with no one successfully helping him address his difficulties.

• Okei and two teenage friends go to a stream to meet neighboring village girls and find them gossiping as they bathe.

• Okei becomes upset with the rumors and subsequently instructs his buddies to call a meeting of the village teenage youths together the next evening, but does not say what it is about.

Chapter 3

• The opening scene in Chapter 3 is a sweltering day in the Nigerian afternoon heat where Obi Agiliga has instructed his workers to seek respite in a shed.

• Obi Agiliga is not only concerned about his workers suffering from...

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