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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Red Cloud's War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Indian chief always carried a flag and medals from President Lincoln because he thought that these would protect him?
(a) Lean Bear
(b) Red Cloud
(c) Sitting Bull
(d) Running Bear

2. In 1865 what US General was preparing a new military initiative against the Indians near the Black Hills?
(a) General Custer
(b) General Connor
(c) General Sherman
(d) General Sheridan

3. What famous scout gains the trust of the Navajo?
(a) Meriweather Lewis
(b) Cochise
(c) Bat Masterson
(d) Kit Carson

4. What event does Manuelito challenge a US officer to compete in?
(a) A horse race
(b) A duel
(c) A shooting match
(d) A foot race

5. Big Mouth, Big Ribs, Eagle Foot, Whirlwind, and Little Crow are Sioux Chiefs sent to talk other chiefs into doing what?
(a) Moving on into Canada
(b) Moving to the reservation
(c) Coming to Fort Laramie
(d) Surrendering to General Connor

Short Answer Questions

1. The Sioux chiefs are invited to a peace conference at what fort?

2. Name the chief who said the following statement: "The Cheyennes do not break their word."

3. Who went to visit Abraham Lincoln in Washington?

4. What is the most infamous battle of Red Cloud's war?

5. What do the white men call these 5 Sioux chiefs?

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