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Max Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who directed the implementation of the Redeker Plan?
(a) Paul Redeker.
(b) Rolihlahla.
(c) The United Nations.
(d) Xolelwa Azania.

2. What is World War Z?
(a) Another name for World War III.
(b) A war between Australia and New Zealand.
(c) A war between humans and zombies.
(d) A war between the U.S. and Zimbabwe.

3. Who shoots Jacob Nyathi as he tries to escape during a panic?
(a) He doesn't know who shot him.
(b) A mugger.
(c) The police.
(d) The US Army.

4. What percentage of the initial wave of zombies were killed with the first rocket launches, according to Todd Wainio?
(a) 90.
(b) 50.
(c) 75.
(d) 10.

5. According to Todd Wainio, what led to soldiers panicking and the line collapsing?
(a) Reports from helicopters overhead.
(b) The video feed.
(c) Several infected people breaking through the line.
(d) Running out of ammunition.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plan did Paul Redeker rewrite for the apartheid government?

2. Who are the Feral Children?

3. What did citizens of South Africa think of Paul Redeker?

4. Where is Mary Jo Miller during her first encounter with the infected?

5. What is the only country to follow Warmbrunn's plan?

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