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Max Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the likely explanation given for reanimated bodies with no bite marks?
(a) The wounds healed before the infection showed symptoms.
(b) Women who were pregnant when they became infected, passing it to their babies.
(c) Blood transfusions.
(d) Illegal organ transplants.

2. Who does Mary Jo Miller free from being pulled out the window by the infected?
(a) A stranger.
(b) Her neighbor.
(c) Her daughter.
(d) Her boss.

3. Why did Breckinridge Scott develop a vaccine?
(a) To make money.
(b) To show his patriotism.
(c) To continue research already in progress.
(d) To cure people.

4. How does Jurgen Warmbrunn learn about the outbreak?
(a) Visual images from German spy satellites.
(b) An article in a conspiracy theorist e-magazine.
(c) Intercepted Chinese intelligence reports.
(d) Taiwanese groups trying to decode Russian messages.

5. Why does smuggling become popular in the early stages of the outbreak?
(a) A cure was created, but was only given to the military, so volunteers attempted to get it to civilians through smuggling.
(b) The infected were smuggled into countries by enemies as a form of biological warfare.
(c) During the outbreak, alcohol was banned and had to be smuggled into the United States.
(d) Rich clients traveled to other countries in search of a cure.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what town is the outbreak believed to have originated?

2. What is the only country to follow Warmbrunn's plan?

3. What haunts Gavin Blaire most about seeing the people panicked on the highway?

4. Why did the U.S. CIA miss the disease in China?

5. Why did thousands on the boats die, according to Ajay Shah?

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