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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in Jewish tradition finds splendid expression in many of the Psalms according to Einstein?
(a) the setting down of a definite creed.
(b) confirmation of an afterlife,.
(c) definite laws on how to lead one's life.
(d) joy and amazement at the beauty and grandeur of the world.

2. With which famous French writer did Einstein compare himself with in explaining his decision not to associate with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) Zola
(b) Baudelaire
(c) Balzac
(d) Hugo

3. Who did Einstein call "our leader" and praise for his zeal and circumspection?
(a) Isaiah.
(b) Weizmann.
(c) Cohen.
(d) Weiss.

4. What kind of religion is Judaism not according to Einstein?
(a) nihilistic.
(b) transcendental.
(c) practical.
(d) strict.

5. What was another reason Einstein gave for not associating himself with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) that he didn't like manifestos.
(b) that he was a Jew.
(c) that he wasn't a French citizen.
(d) that he still felt loyalty to Germany.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom was Einstein staying when the Prussian Academy wrote to Einstein on April 7, 1933?

2. What does Judaism attempt to do according to Einstein?

3. What did the O.R.T. society do try to do for the Jewish people?

4. Why had the Prussian Academy of Sciences confidently expected Einstein to defend Germany?

5. What kind of society did Einstein declare the Jews were not trying to create in Palestine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the Prussian Academy of Sciences accuse Einstein of doing?

2. To help explain why he didn't accept the invitation to associate himself with a French proponent against Anti-Semitism he cited a comparison of a certain French writer and a famous political case. What were they?

3. Who was Herzl and what did he do?

4. Who did Einstein feel saw in the Jews their irreconcilable foes?

5. Einstein mentioned something else, another Jewish tradition found in many of the Psalms; what was it?

6. Why did Einstein refuse to associate himself with a French manifesto against anti-Semitism?

7. Einstein mentioned two famous dead Germans in the beginning of Part III. He hoped Germany would produce such greatness again some day. Who were they? Do you think he still loved Germany?

8. What made solidarity and achievements as a people difficult if not impossible for the Jews for thousands of years?

9. What did the Prussian Academy of Sciences ask Einstein to do?

10. What other German scientific academy threw Einstein out besides the Prussian Academy and why?

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