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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Einstein describe what was happening to the German people with regard to their anti-Semitism?
(a) outrageous.
(b) intolerable.
(c) despicable.
(d) mass-psychosis.

2. What was leading to success regarding the reconstruction of Palestine in Einstein's opinion?
(a) God's promise that Jews were the chosen people.
(b) ceaseless work, supported by a noble purpose.
(c) financial aid from American Jews.
(d) a lot of miraculous coincidences.

3. What did Einstein want the Prussian Academy of Sciences to do with his written statement?
(a) enter it into the minutes of the next Academy meeting.
(b) communicate it to its members and to the German public.
(c) read it out loud at the meeting of the Academy.
(d) publish it in prominent German newspapers.

4. What two things did Einstein emphasize to Jewish youth were important for the destiny of the Jews?
(a) being faithful to the Torah and to the Talmud.
(b) being ambitious and working hard.
(c) sticking together and helping each other.
(d) obeying one's parents and the rabbi.

5. Why did the Bavarian Academy of Sciences say that Einstein's resignation from the Prussian Academy would affect his relations with their Academy?
(a) All German academies were closely allied with one another.
(b) Bavarians hate Prussians.
(c) They would strive harder to keep him as a member.
(d) The Bavarian Academy feared the Prussian Academy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The establishment of satisfactory relations between Jews and Arabs was whose responsibility?

2. What is it that gives the only meaning to the life of an individual?

3. In what German city was the Prussian Academy of Sciences located?

4. When is a protest against injustice and violence more valuable?

5. On what date did Einstein write to The Prussian Academy of Sciences telling them why he would not put in a "good word" on the part of the German people?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name some of the features of the Jewish tradition that Einstein mentions in Part IV and for which he is very grateful.

2. Describe some of the things about George Bernard Shaw which Einstein admired?

3. Why did Einstein no longer want to be a citizen of Germany?

4. What was one of the important aims of the Zionist organization and who helped implement this?

5. To help explain why he didn't accept the invitation to associate himself with a French proponent against Anti-Semitism he cited a comparison of a certain French writer and a famous political case. What were they?

6. What other German scientific academy threw Einstein out besides the Prussian Academy and why?

7. What did Einstein feel were the greatest enemies of the national consciousness and honor of the Jews?

8. What made solidarity and achievements as a people difficult if not impossible for the Jews for thousands of years?

9. Why did Einstein refuse to put in a "good word" for the German nation?

10. What was Einstein's definition of political liberty?

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