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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the third feature of the Jewish tradition Einstein was so thankful for?
(a) love of science.
(b) the will to succeed.
(c) the desire for personal independence.
(d) love of the Torah.

2. At the beginning of Part III Einstein compared the psychic distemper of a society with what?
(a) the psychic distemper of an individual.
(b) an inner revolution.
(c) a rabid dog.
(d) a rapidly-spreading epidemic.

3. What was the official date of Einstein's resignation from the Prussian Academy of Sciences?
(a) March 8, 1933.
(b) March 30, 1933.
(c) March 28, 1933.
(d) March 27, 1933.

4. The establishment of satisfactory relations between Jews and Arabs was whose responsibility?
(a) America's responsibility.
(b) the Jews' and Arabs' responsibility.
(c) the Middle East's responsibility.
(d) England's responsibility.

5. The demands of what form of societal system were for the most part first raised by the Jews, according to Einstein?
(a) Democracy.
(b) Anarchy.
(c) Capitalism.
(d) Socialism.

6. What did Einstein consider would have been the repudiation of all the notions of justice and liberty for which he stood all his life?
(a) putting a "good word" in for the German people in 1933.
(b) disowning his Jewish heritage.
(c) becoming political since he felt politicians were corrupt.
(d) giving up his German citizenship.

7. Einstein was a citizen of what country?
(a) Switzerland.
(b) France.
(c) Austria.
(d) Belgium.

8. What does Judaism attempt to do according to Einstein?
(a) unify the Jews scattered all over the world.
(b) base the moral law on fear.
(c) prove itself the best of all belief systems.
(d) use ancient stories to teach morality.

9. When is a protest against injustice and violence more valuable?
(a) when one's family is endangered by the injustice.
(b) when prompted by intense personal involvement.
(c) when prompted by an impartial sense of humanity and justice.
(d) when one is personally touched by the injustice.

10. With whom was Einstein staying when the Prussian Academy wrote to Einstein on April 7, 1933?
(a) Professor Kuhle.
(b) Professor Liebenmilch.
(c) Professor Ehrenfest.
(d) Professor Jungfrau.

11. What did Einstein feel was one of the noblest features of the French tradition?
(a) the honesty of the French people.
(b) the highly developed sense of justice of the French people.
(c) the love of life the French exhibit.
(d) the bravery of the French people.

12. What Jew had great aims for Palestine and Zionism according to Einstein?
(a) Elie Wiesel.
(b) Heifetz.
(c) Leonard Bernstein.
(d) Herzl.

13. Einstein addressed the Jews of Hungary on behalf of whom?
(a) Sarah Smetana.
(b) Rachel Moldau.
(c) Keren Hajessod.
(d) Pamela Bolgar.

14. What was needed in order to preserve Jewish solidarity?
(a) a spiritual center.
(b) hope and faith.
(c) the brotherhood of Jews.
(d) hard work.

15. The pure doctrine of Judaism is obscured by what according to Einstein?
(a) by not following the laws of the Torah.
(b) by a feeling pessimism and unbelief.
(c) by not heeding the teaching of the rabbis.
(d) by too much worship of the letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the primary duty of a scientific academy in Einstein's opinion?

2. According to Einstein what is the supreme value to which all other values are subordinate?

3. When had Einstein acquired Prussian nationality by becoming a full member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences?

4. Who made the following remark to Einstein: "When a Jew says that he's going hunting to amuse himself, he lies."

5. With which famous French writer did Einstein compare himself with in explaining his decision not to associate with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?

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