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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why had the Prussian Academy of Sciences confidently expected Einstein to defend Germany?
(a) because he didn't want to be thrown out of the Academy.
(b) because he had belonged to the Academy for a long time.
(c) because he would fear them.
(d) because he would put his scientific connections first.

2. When did the Prussian Academy take cognizance of Einstein's resignation?
(a) in it's plenary session of April 2, 1933.
(b) in its plenary session of March 30, 1933.
(c) in its plenary session of March 29, 1933.
(d) in its plenary session of March 18, 1933.

3. When is a protest against injustice and violence more valuable?
(a) when prompted by an impartial sense of humanity and justice.
(b) when prompted by intense personal involvement.
(c) when one's family is endangered by the injustice.
(d) when one is personally touched by the injustice.

4. What comment did Einstein make about the letter from von Ficker of the Prussian academy to him?
(a) the letter made saddened him.
(b) the letter made him extremely angry,
(c) the letter was a complete surprise to him.
(d) the letter showed him how right he had been to resign.

5. In Einstein's opinion with what is Judaism almost exclusively concerned?
(a) excellency in every direction.
(b) creating a Jewish nation.
(c) loyalty to theology of Judaism.
(d) the moral attitude in life and to life.

6. Why was the Prussian Academy of Sciences particularly upset at Einstein's statements?
(a) They were lies in the opinion of the Academy.
(b) They were the truth.
(c) They were statements from a man of world-wide reputation.
(d) They revealed Germany for what it was.

7. Einstein was a citizen of what country?
(a) Belgium.
(b) Austria.
(c) France.
(d) Switzerland.

8. What kind of society did Einstein declare the Jews were not trying to create in Palestine?
(a) a religious society.
(b) a capitalistic society.
(c) a political society.
(d) a restrictive society.

9. What was the third feature of the Jewish tradition Einstein was so thankful for?
(a) love of science.
(b) the desire for personal independence.
(c) the will to succeed.
(d) love of the Torah.

10. With whom was Einstein staying when the Prussian Academy wrote to Einstein on April 7, 1933?
(a) Professor Kuhle.
(b) Professor Ehrenfest.
(c) Professor Jungfrau.
(d) Professor Liebenmilch.

11. What is another feature of the Jewish tradition which Einstein highly values?
(a) love of nature.
(b) an almost fanatical love of justice.
(c) superior intellectuality.
(d) the joy of living.

12. What is the essence of the Jewish conception of life according to Einstein?
(a) a concepton of life as endless trials and tribulations.
(b) an attitude toward life like the theory "the survival of the fittest".
(c) an attitude of total hopelessness..
(d) an affirmative attitude to the life of all creation.

13. Who was the Secretary of the Prussian Academy of Sciences?
(a) Dr. Erhardt Birn.
(b) Dr. Heinrich Edelmann.
(c) Dr. Eckhardt Lehmann.
(d) Dr. Ernst Heymann.

14. What was the reason Einstein gave for no longer wanting to live in Germany?
(a) no legal equality or freedom to say or teach what he wanted.
(b) He preferred France.
(c) He was Jewish.
(d) He planned to emigrate to America.

15. What did the German scientific academies do that Einstein deplored?
(a) were too social.
(b) wrote too many scientific treatises.
(c) stood by while German savants etc. were deprived of work.
(d) were too bureaucratic.

Short Answer Questions

1. The demands of what form of societal system were for the most part first raised by the Jews, according to Einstein?

2. What is a feature of the Jewish tradition which makes Einstein thank his stars he belongs to it?

3. Einstein addressed the Jews of Hungary on behalf of whom?

4. According to Einstein from where does true scientific research draw its spiritual sustenance?

5. What was one of the most important aims of the Zionist organization?

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