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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the best of the Prophets and Jesus do according to Einstein?
(a) were totally ethical.
(b) served God; served the living.
(c) demonstrated material wealth.
(d) prophesied.

2. In what German city was the Prussian Academy of Sciences located?
(a) Bremen.
(b) Hamburg.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Dresden.

3. What did Einstein want the Prussian Academy of Sciences to do with his written statement?
(a) publish it in prominent German newspapers.
(b) enter it into the minutes of the next Academy meeting.
(c) read it out loud at the meeting of the Academy.
(d) communicate it to its members and to the German public.

4. Why had the Prussian Academy of Sciences confidently expected Einstein to defend Germany?
(a) because he would put his scientific connections first.
(b) because he would fear them.
(c) because he had belonged to the Academy for a long time.
(d) because he didn't want to be thrown out of the Academy.

5. What are the Torah and Talmud to Einstein?
(a) his most beloved possessions.
(b) evidence of the Jewish manner of life in earlier times.
(c) infallible, sacred Jewish writings.
(d) what he bases his life on.

6. In what German city was the Bavarian Academy of Sciences located?
(a) Moosburg.
(b) Stuttgart.
(c) Garmish-Partenkirchen.
(d) Munich.

7. Where was Einstein staying when he wrote his answer to the Prussian Academy's declaration against him?
(a) Le Coq, near Ostende.
(b) L'Oiseau near Angers.
(c) Paris, France.
(d) Amsterdam, Holland.

8. What was another reason Einstein gave for not associating himself with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) that he still felt loyalty to Germany.
(b) that he wasn't a French citizen.
(c) that he didn't like manifestos.
(d) that he was a Jew.

9. What was one reason Einstein didn't associate himself with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) that he was apolitical.
(b) that he was still a German citizen.
(c) that he would be leaving for America immediately.
(d) that he wasn't a French citizen.

10. What is the function of the Talmud?
(a) The Talmud interpretes the Torah.
(b) The Talmud describes the wanderings of the Jews.
(c) The Talmud is a collection of Jewish parables.
(d) The Talmud describes the persecution of Jews.

11. What in Jewish tradition finds splendid expression in many of the Psalms according to Einstein?
(a) joy and amazement at the beauty and grandeur of the world.
(b) definite laws on how to lead one's life.
(c) the setting down of a definite creed.
(d) confirmation of an afterlife,.

12. The pure doctrine of Judaism is obscured by what according to Einstein?
(a) by not heeding the teaching of the rabbis.
(b) by a feeling pessimism and unbelief.
(c) by not following the laws of the Torah.
(d) by too much worship of the letter.

13. Which country did Einstein use as an example for the Jews to follow in the construction of Palestine?
(a) England.
(b) America.
(c) France.
(d) Switzerland.

14. What Jew had great aims for Palestine and Zionism according to Einstein?
(a) Leonard Bernstein.
(b) Herzl.
(c) Heifetz.
(d) Elie Wiesel.

15. With which famous French writer did Einstein compare himself with in explaining his decision not to associate with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) Balzac
(b) Hugo
(c) Baudelaire
(d) Zola

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that gives the only meaning to the life of an individual?

2. When is a protest against injustice and violence more valuable?

3. How many years did Einstein say in his Addresses on the Reconstruction of Palestine had passed since he had last made an address on the Zionist cause?

4. Einstein had also been a corresponding member of what other academy of Sciences?

5. Who was the Secretary of the Prussian Academy of Sciences?

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