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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With which famous French writer did Einstein compare himself with in explaining his decision not to associate with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) Zola
(b) Baudelaire
(c) Hugo
(d) Balzac

2. When had Einstein acquired Prussian nationality by becoming a full member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences?
(a) 1917.
(b) 1916.
(c) 1913.
(d) 1915.

3. What famous French legal case did Einstein use to illustrate his decision not to associate with the French Manifesto against anti-Semitism?
(a) the Dreyfus case.
(b) the Marie Antoinette case.
(c) the Monsieur Harlecoute case.
(d) the Devil's Island case.

4. What does Judaism attempt to do according to Einstein?
(a) base the moral law on fear.
(b) use ancient stories to teach morality.
(c) prove itself the best of all belief systems.
(d) unify the Jews scattered all over the world.

5. Einstein addressed the Jews of Hungary on behalf of whom?
(a) Rachel Moldau.
(b) Pamela Bolgar.
(c) Sarah Smetana.
(d) Keren Hajessod.

6. What was expressly included in the command to keep holy the Sabbath day?
(a) animals.
(b) choice of food to be eaten.
(c) the synagogue or temple.
(d) family.

7. What did Einstein want the Prussian Academy of Sciences to do with his written statement?
(a) publish it in prominent German newspapers.
(b) communicate it to its members and to the German public.
(c) read it out loud at the meeting of the Academy.
(d) enter it into the minutes of the next Academy meeting.

8. In Einstein's opinion what is the Jewish outlook in the philosophical sense?
(a) The Jewish outlook, philosophically speaking, is pessimistic.
(b) The Jewish outlook is one of pre-determination.
(c) Philosophically speaking there is no specific Jewish outlook.
(d) The Jewish outlook is one of optimism.

9. What did the O.R.T. society do try to do for the Jewish people?
(a) organize the Jewish youth.
(b) rid the Jews of social and economic handicaps.
(c) build synagogues and temples in Palestine.
(d) set up libraries in Palestine.

10. What were the names of the two secretaries of the Prussian Academy of Sciences who signed the Academy's answer to Einstein?
(a) H. von Pueschner and E. Heidegger.
(b) F. von Edelmann and E. Heinemann.
(c) H. von Ficker and E. Heymann.
(d) H. von Hofsmannsthal and E. Lessing.

11. What did Einstein feel would have undermined the ideas and principles which had won a place of honor for Germany in the civilized world?
(a) His putting in a "good word" for the German nation of 1933.
(b) His attacking the politics of Germany in 1933.
(c) His resignation from the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.
(d) His resignation from the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

12. What Jew had great aims for Palestine and Zionism according to Einstein?
(a) Heifetz.
(b) Elie Wiesel.
(c) Herzl.
(d) Leonard Bernstein.

13. What is the function of the Talmud?
(a) The Talmud describes the wanderings of the Jews.
(b) The Talmud interpretes the Torah.
(c) The Talmud is a collection of Jewish parables.
(d) The Talmud describes the persecution of Jews.

14. What was the primary duty of a scientific academy in Einstein's opinion?
(a) to encourage and protect the scientific life of a country.
(b) to hold regular meetings for scientists' intercommunication.
(c) to publish scientific papers.
(d) to do scientific research.

15. What did Einstein consider would have been the repudiation of all the notions of justice and liberty for which he stood all his life?
(a) giving up his German citizenship.
(b) disowning his Jewish heritage.
(c) becoming political since he felt politicians were corrupt.
(d) putting a "good word" in for the German people in 1933.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of spirit should Jewish youth cultivate in Einstein's opinion?

2. Who wrote an article on Zionism and the Zurich Congress which Einstein felt impelled to answer?

3. What reason did Einstein give for resigning from The Prussian Academy of Sciences?

4. What had he not wanted done with the written document he gave the International League for combating anti-Semitism?

5. What two things did Einstein emphasize to Jewish youth were important for the destiny of the Jews?

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