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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a chief reason we can't abolish war according to Einstein?
(a) greed for power.
(b) human nature.
(c) lack of brotherly love.
(d) military training and its glorification.

2. What did Einstein state was the death of all sound work?
(a) the gold standard.
(b) opportunism.
(c) greed and laziness.
(d) bureaucracy.

3. What did Einstein feel was the main cause of the crisis the world faced?
(a) ignorance.
(b) human laziness.
(c) stupidity.
(d) technical progress.

4. Who does Einstein consider unfortunate and almost disqualified for life?
(a) A person who is not educated.
(b) Someone who regards his and others' lives as meaningless.
(c) Someone who regards himself as better than others.
(d) A person who is not inquisitive.

5. Why were the laws of Prohibition destructive laws according to Einstein?
(a) They promoted crime.
(b) They couldn't be enforced.
(c) They were thought up by prudish ladies.
(d) Some alcohol, especially wine, is healthy.

6. Einstein felt himself lucky to witness the peace demonstration organized by what people?
(a) the Flemish people.
(b) the French people.
(c) the Italian people.
(d) the Swiss people.

7. What is the silently accepted motto of people having no civil courage?
(a) "It will be worked out somehow."
(b) "What's the use?"
(c) "War in inevitable."
(d) "Leave it alone and don't speak of it."

8. Who, considered a heretic, does Einstein compare with Saint Francis of Assisi?
(a) Confucious.
(b) Buddha.
(c) Voltaire.
(d) Spinoza.

9. What does Einstein believe prompted the development of the superior American technical devices and work organization?
(a) superior scientists and thinkers.
(b) better education in the schools.
(c) the high price of labor.
(d) abundance of money.

10. What was one of the propositions of the League of Nations?
(a) to meet each year to vote on world issues.
(b) to begin each League of Nations meeting with a prayer for peace.
(c) to admit every country in the world to its League.
(d) to have an international court of arbitration.

11. What did Einstein abhor as the worst outcrop of the herd nature?
(a) materialism.
(b) crime.
(c) the military system.
(d) lack of individuality.

12. What is necessary to make the results of technical progress beneficial to all according to Einstein?
(a) regulation and organization.
(b) economic prosperity.
(c) strict laws.
(d) the welfare system.

13. What Irish writer did Einstein esteem for his subtle humor and knowledge of human nature?
(a) Oscar Wilde.
(b) James Joyce.
(c) George Bernard Shaw.
(d) Samuel Beckett.

14. Dr. Solf was the pillar of what college?
(a) Lessing College.
(b) Princeton College.
(c) Berlin College.
(d) Schiller College.

15. What was the problem forced on Einstein's Berlin surgeon friend out of the necessities of his practice?
(a) the improvement of anesthesiology.
(b) maintaining sanitary conditions during surgery.
(c) maintaining harmony among the medical staff.
(d) transplantation of tendons, a solution to lost muscles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was it who spoke the following words: "It's no use, Gentlemen, science is and remains international."

2. Who prevents the peaceful settlement of international disputes according to Einstein?

3. The religions of civilized peoples are based primarily on what according to Einstein?

4. What did Einstein feel had to be gradually abolished as the political organization of Europe was strengthened?

5. What non-political authority did the League of Nations create?

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