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Albert Einstein

The physicist whose name is synonymous with the term super-intellectual; he figured how to split the atom.

Sigmund Freud

A famous Viennese psychiatrist who developed the ideas of the subconscious mind.

Professor Gumbel

An instructor at a German university who was facing possible expulsion for publishing his political views in several books.

H.A. Lorentz

A scientist who works tirelessly for peace and who possessed political and organizational abilities in addition to his scientific acumen.

Professor M. Katzenstein

A surgeon and close friend of Einstein's during the 18 years he spent in Berlin; they discuss ideas and issues on the surgeon's yacht and are mutually supportive.

Signor Rocco

The minister of state for Fascist Italy to whom Einstein writes asking for more freedom for Italian scientists.

George Bernard Shaw

An Irish playwright and famous wit whom Einstein praises for his ability to maintain a sense of humor...

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