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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Paulsen know that the dogs weren't tired?

2. What behavioral changes did Fred go through?

3. How many of the dogs had gotten frost bitten ears?

4. How far is the run downhill on day twelve?

5. What do highbush cranberries taste like, according to Paulsen's grandmother?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the stump glow, did Paulsen find out later?

2. How does it feel, on day three, for Gary running the dogs?

3. How were the dogs strange with Gary?

4. Why did Cookie stop before the arch?

5. What happens to the dogs when they get tangled up and turn inwards, and what was the risk created?

6. What tradition did Storm start, and what did it come to mean?

7. What things didn't make sense about where the deer was?

8. What does Gary say the dogs told him while they were in the gully?

9. What will Gary always blame himself for?

10. Why is Gary unworried about the rumors he hears on the mandatory twenty-four hour layover?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The woods is a central theme throughout the novel, and plays various roles of education, stimulation, and inspiration. Discuss the roles the woods plays in the novel, and how many times it emerges as one of the most central themes.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss both sides of the argument of dog sledding as a sport. What things are said, by both sides in regards to the treatment of the dogs? Decide which side of the argument you believe in and support it with three different arguments.

Essay Topic 3

The does play an interesting role, and often show up to illustrate something strange. Discuss the roles of the does in the book, and what literary device they may represent for their appearance in his novel.

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