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Short Answer Questions

1. What had taken out the trail?

2. What is phony about the start of the race?

3. How heavy did Fred get?

4. What didn't Paulsen see the man do?

5. On day seven, what does Wilson do?

Short Essay Questions

1. On day nine, who comes and offers Paulsen a proposition? What is this proposition?

2. What had Paulsen never seen in a deer as he did that day on the lake alone?

3. What happens to the dogs when they get tangled up and turn inwards, and what was the risk created?

4. What did Paulsen eat while stuck in the deep cold?

5. What tradition did Storm start, and what did it come to mean?

6. Why did Cookie knowingly take the team over an edge for?

7. What are the hills dotted with that Gary sees on day nine?

8. What does Gary say the dogs told him while they were in the gully?

9. Why did Cookie stop before the arch?

10. What does Gary hear that breaks him of the spell that took him not to finish the Run?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Paulsen's lack of desire in explaining why he was calling out "Willy?" in the middle of the night. What did he not wish to divulge and why? What did he risk as a result, and how would this influence other people's perspective of him? Is this important? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Storm and Paulsen possess a close relationship, to the point where he is nearly a pet as opposed to a working dog. Compare the differences between the way Paulsen discusses his other dogs and the way he refers to Storm. What other dog comes close, and how do they?

Essay Topic 3

Paulsen discusses how one of his lead dogs was more often than not a fighter and how he initially thought this was a quality of all sled dogs. Although he admits he was wrong, for that situation, he offers no explanation as to how he found out it was a wrong insight. Provide an explanation as to what happened to convince him that this was an undesirable characteristic.

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