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1. What is the greatest paradox about understanding the woods?

The greatest paradox about understanding the woods is that many people who enjoy the woods, or those who seem to enjoy it, spend the majority of the time attempting to kill it, or kill something within it.

2. What had Gary believed before he was forty?

Gary believed the more Disney-like version of the forest, where nothing ever really got hurt, and Bambi always got out of the fire. He had even been so disconnected from the reality that he believed that the animals that he killed were clean and removed from reality.

3. How does Gary frequently feel while running dogs?

Gary frequently feels full of his dogs, and of the miles he crosses. He also perceives beauty in all places and expresses a borderline intoxication with the grandness of it all.

4. How are northern coyotes like wolves?

Northern coyotes are like wolves in that they hunt in a pack and have a pack mentality. They also have a similar pack social structure to organize themselves with. Although they are smaller than Timber wolves, they have many of the same characteristics.

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