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The Woods

This is Paulsen's generic term for the wilderness, not merely in Alaska.


This is the state where Paulsen races.


This is the Alaskan city where the Iditarod begins.


This is the Alaskan city, one thousand miles from the start, where the Iditarod ends.

Paulsen's Trapline

This is the line, first twenty then sixty miles, where Paulsen used his earliest dogs sledding teams.

Dog Sleds

These are necessary for Paulsen's way of life, and he utilizes them whenever he has his team out.


The controlled use of this is what separates man from animals.

The Iditarod

The annual dog sledding competition in which Paulsen participated in 1983.

The Burn

This is a seventy-mile stretch of the Iditarod that is known to be a dangerous area.

The Yukon River

Considered the winter highway of Alaska.

The Bering Sea

This is a large body of water...

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