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Designer Dog Team!

Research the qualities that make a good sled dog team and create a team you could depend on if you were going to make a run.

A Stormy Epitaph.

Create an epitaph for Storm as well as a eulogy.

A Map of the Iditarod

Create a map of the Iditarod trail. Make sure you include the stop off points and features of the landscape like the Burn and the Chute.

Planning for a Run!

Create a list of things that you would want with you on such a run.


Discuss what hallucinations you might have in situations like Paulsen experienced.

Rigging a Team.

Research and create one piece of the rigging that a dog sled team might utilize.

A Stormy Picture

Create an image of Storm using the book as a guide.

The Perfect Stick

Find a stick that Storm might have utilized to...

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