Woodsong Character Descriptions

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Gary Paulsen

This person often has keen insights into animal behavior that may come across as controversial.

Paulsen's Dogs

A main focus of the story, these do nothing but teach the author throughout the book.


One of the author's favorite dogs, this dog communicated with Paulsen utilizing a stick.


This dog ran part of the Iditarod sucking his foot.

One of the author's lead dogs, this dog also took Paulsen's team off a cliff.


This dog possesses determination in convincing the author to feed him more.


A banty hen with extraordinary "mother love".


A bear that almost killed Paulsen but who showed mercy, which taught Paulsen mercy in return.

Paulsen's Friend

This is a hallucinated character that helped Paulsen get through some very difficult and challenging physical predicaments when out in the woods alone.

Checkpoint People

Throughout the Iditarod, these helped Paulsen...

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