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Short Answer Questions

1. Wooden has won many championships. What does he say about how that makes him feel?

2. What is one element of Wooden's definition of success?

3. What does Wooden say about his players' lives and problems?

4. Wooden says that you can have what on the lives of those you instruct?

5. What does Wooden say that team players have to feel about themselves?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Wooden describe his tactical knowledge when it comes to basketball?

2. What block is at the center of Wooden's pyramid of success? Why?

3. What are the three priorities (in order of importance) Wooden feels every UCLA player should keep in mind?

4. What elements make up the "mortar" of Wooden's pyramid of success? Why does he choose these elements?

5. What three blocks are located between the first two blocks that Wooden describes when defining his pyramid of success? What do all five blocks make up?

6. Wooden uses Abraham Lincoln to illustrate which of the four blocks that are at the second level of his pyramid of success? Why?

7. Despite the fact that Wooden doesn't like all his players, how does he treat them?

8. When does Wooden say he knew it was time to retire from coaching at UCLA?

9. From where did Wooden get his ideas for his pyramid of success?

10. What does "being fair" mean to Wooden when it comes to being a leader?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the overall theme of the book "Wooden"? (In other words, what theme is the thread that holds the whole piece together?)

Essay Topic 2

Abraham Lincoln is referenced several times during "Wooden." When and why does Wooden choose to use Abraham Lincoln to make his points? What are those points?

Essay Topic 3

There are a number of parallels that occur in "Wooden." Discuss the parallels between three of the following topics:

1. Wooden's relationship with his father and Wooden's relationship with the reader.

2. Wooden's time as a coach and Wooden's time as a father.

3. Wooden's relationship with his father and Wooden's relationship with his team members.

4. Wooden's pyramid of success and Wooden's coaching career.

5. Wooden's thoughts about his father and Wooden's thoughts about Abraham Lincoln.

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