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Short Answer Questions

1. Wooden says that confidence is something that can only occur after what?

2. What does Wooden say about the criticism he has received?

3. What does Wooden say that discipline is?

4. How often does Wooden believe people can do their best?

5. What does Wooden say about his wife, Nellie, at the end of "Wooden"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What block is at the top of Wooden's pyramid of success? What does it mean?

2. What are three ways that Wooden shows he cares about his players?

3. Why does Wooden place a high importance on being a coach/teacher in terms of the coach-player relationship?

4. What are three ways that Wooden makes sure his players are ready for "physiological warfare"?

5. When it comes to winning championships, what two things does Wooden keep in mind?

6. Wooden is not what he calls a "dictator style coach." In what ways does he differ from that type of coach?

7. How do Wooden's beliefs regarding morality affect the way he's put his pyramid of success together?

8. Why doesn't Wooden believe that a leader should motivate with fear of discipline?

9. What three blocks are located between the first two blocks that Wooden describes when defining his pyramid of success? What do all five blocks make up?

10. How does Wooden end "Wooden"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Wooden ensure that all the players he coaches are ready to be successful in the following areas:

1. Athletically.

2. Mentally.

3. As a team.

4. Individually.

5. Spiritually.

Essay Topic 2

There are numerous "tones" that Wooden uses throughout "Wooden." What tone would you attribute to each of these topics and why?

1. The Special Olympics.

2. The regular Olympics.

3. Joshua Wooden.

4. Nellie Wooden.

5. Success.

6. Abraham Lincoln.

7. The Bible.

8. Literature and poetry.

Essay Topic 3

In "Wooden," Wooden uses many different anecdotes to prove his points. Choose one of those anecdotes and answer the following questions about it:

1. What is the anecdote?

2. What theory/idea does the anecdote support?

3. How do you know this anecdote is being used in this manner? (In other words, what clues can you get from the text?)

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