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Short Answer Questions

1. For Wooden, success in a game is what?

2. What does Wooden seem to think of his skills as a basketball tactician?

3. Who does Wooden say once said that he, "Learned something from everyone he met"?

4. The way Wooden treats his players is similar to the way a man treats his what?

5. What does Wooden say a coach has to do for his team?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the four blocks that are at the second level of Wooden's pyramid of success?

2. Why does Wooden feel that parents shouldn't necessarily be concerned that their children aren't getting high grades?

3. What block is at the center of Wooden's pyramid of success? Why?

4. What block is at the top of Wooden's pyramid of success? What does it mean?

5. What are the three priorities (in order of importance) Wooden feels every UCLA player should keep in mind?

6. When it comes to winning championships, what two things does Wooden keep in mind?

7. What three blocks are located between the first two blocks that Wooden describes when defining his pyramid of success? What do all five blocks make up?

8. What does Wooden say about coaches that win through violence and anger?

9. Wooden uses Abraham Lincoln to illustrate which of the four blocks that are at the second level of his pyramid of success? Why?

10. Wooden is not what he calls a "dictator style coach." In what ways does he differ from that type of coach?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose one of the building blocks of Wooden's pyramid and answer these questions about it:

1. Where does the building block fit into Wooden's pyramid?

2. How does Wooden persuade the reader to agree with him about his views regarding this building block?

3. In what way has Wooden shown that he demonstrates this building block?

Essay Topic 2

Choose three places in "Wooden" where John Wooden uses real people to illustrate his points. How does the person's character, experiences, and/or reputation support what Wooden is trying to explain to the reader?

Essay Topic 3

Wooden tells the reader at the beginning of the book that he has a love for literature. How is his love for literature apparent at three different times during the text of "Wooden'? (Example: The use of poetry throughout "Wooden" shows that Wooden loves the written word and is familiar with many types of poems as well as authors.)

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